A Slice Of Emerald

A Slice Of Emerald

These sliced emerald earrings by Bel Air Jewelry display the captivating beauty of raw stones paved with yellow gold and diamonds. There’s something transfixing about a precious stone cut to showcase it’s natural allure. We wanted to remind our following … Continue reading

Look Within


Deep into the dark blue of this sliced sapphire by Bel Air Jewelry lies not only beauty, but mystery. Looking into its murky depths is like being lost in space, similar to Sandra Bullock in Gravity; a mighty heroine who against all odds defies fate and returns home. It’s like the bottomless ocean, where giant squids sleep and anger fish light up the darkness like devilish stars seducing prey towards the light. Is your affection as deep and rich as this raw cut sapphire? Hint at your own mystery when you’re out on the town, who knows, maybe it will lure someone that can open up your galaxy and reach far beyond the unexplored vastness of your eternal love.

Modern and Natural

When I think of an ocean breeze, a green forest, standing alone in the desert, or dancing in the rain; I don’t see flashy jewelry. I see me and the earth, I see raw looking stones and bare feet. I see elegance and beauty in simplicity. This new line by Bel Air Jewelry captures that essence. The women wearing it may be beautiful, but the stones themselves capture a raw organic kind of beauty in their shape and raw cuts.