The Hottest Birthstone in July: Ruby

Did you know in the original Wizard of Oz books Dorothy’s slippers were silver? But on the silver screen, the director sought bright red ruby slippers to update Dorothy’s wardrobe and show off colored film for the first time. In the modern age, Bel Air Jewelry in Los Angeles puts it good foot forward (no matter what the shoe) and wears the birthstone of July on more accessories than ever!

Bel Air Jewelry Los Angeles ruby earringFlowers and rubies have one thing in common: when exposed to certain light they become more beautiful. Morning glories may look wilted at night, but their petals blossom when exposed to sunlight. Find the hottest ruby and under ultraviolet light it’ll absorb the radiant light and emit its own light called florescence. How strong or what color the light reveals the ruby’s origins. In nature these Ruby and Diamond Floral Earrings are the best of both words: flora and florescence.


We may not have the Liberty Bell Ruby, which is at large due to a heist and the largest ruby in the world at 8000 carats, but what we have is available here: these beautiful bell-shaped Ruby and Diamond Tulip Earrings on White Gold. Consider yourself worldly in just one pair of earrings. The tulips are the national flower of the Netherlands, the diamonds are French-cut, and the rubies are mined in Asia, Africa, even the Americas. Is there anywhere we missed besides Antarctica?

R2144-R-2TRuby itself is a gemstone with worldly origins. Rubies once traveled the Silk Road, were discovered by Europeans, sailed the Atlantic, and headed west to be worn in Los Angeles. An ruby with that very itinerary could be waiting for you at Bel Air Jewelry. This Ruby and Diamond Ring has qualities of a fantasy world with its harmonious combination of fairy and butterfly wing designs.

belair_logo_onwhite1.jpgThere’s only one place on Earth you can find the most beautiful classic and modern designs: Bel Air Jewelry. From the Golden Age of Hollywood to the modern age, specifically in the month of July, ruby remains timeless and the hottest precious gemstone. Just ask the Wicked Witch of the West.


Celebrate Emerald: the Color of 2013

Many recognize emerald as the birthstone of May, but what you may not know is that emerald also holds the special title of Pantone’s Color of 2013. If you’ve never heard of Pantone, it is a leader in fashion known for its association of hues and knowledge the color wheel in general.


Annually Pantone selects a color that represents the year and everyone from the fashion industry to Hollywood incorporates it in their style for the next 4 seasons. Stick around and we’ll have all the coverage you need, especially when it comes to emeralds, at the one and only Los Angeles jewelry expert headquarters, Bel Air Jewelry.

We ring in the new year with a shower of confetti, but what if every year began with a shower of emeralds? While we can still dream, the closest to making that a reality in 2013 comes in the form of rain droplet-shaped emeralds in this stunning pair of Emerald and Diamond Dangle Earrings with 18K White Gold. This delicate pattern of diamonds, white gold, and emerald make up the holy trinity of high fashion: a perfect accessory for today.

E3371-2TIn the early summer, foliage becomes the greenest and the color truly pops out in parks and beaches around California. Like a a trio of earth-tone leaves growing from diamonds, this irresistible Marquise-cut Emerald Necklace in 18k White Gold sets the standard in fashion for 2013. And to tie it all together, the giant emerald raindrop is sure to catch anyone’s eye during all seasons.

N2942-E-2Ancient history tells us that believers donned emerald rings to keep from getting sick. Cleopatra worshiped emeralds not just for its mythology, but its pure beauty and powerful emotional ties to love and devotion. The same belief is held by today’s world leaders and celebrities who wear their best gemstones in public, like this rare Radiant-cut Colombian Emerald and Baguette Diamond Platinum Ring. Colombia is the #1 source of the world’s most precious emeralds dating back 4000 years before 2013, the year this gemstone would be the highest acclaimed.R0027-2T

Don’t let 2013 fade away . Celebrate your milestones this year by contacting Bel Air Jewelry. Let them help you find the single best emerald in all of Los Angeles.belair_logo_onwhite1.jpg