Don’t Bark Even If It Bites!


Don’t be fooled by the seasons temperature changes. Just when you think it’s going to be cold, and you wear double layers, its a furnace and you’re melting like a snowcone in June! Or you strap on your favorite pair of shorts only to be met with a touch that, you’re just sure, is the icy hand of winter. Come rain or shine, the one thing you can count on is how you feel inside. The outside world may spin around you. You can pack an extra sweater in your car, an emergency pair of flip flops, but the important thing is the wellspring of ‘self’ that exists within. So stay warm hearted, and keep a cool head. The weather may be wild outside, but don’t let that throw off the beauty that is you. From all of us at Bel Air Jewelry, we wanted to tell you to shine like the diamond you are!