Braided Fashion


Thanks to the History Channel’s hit show Vikings, your favorite childhood braids are making waves throughout fashion this month! Lily Kwong took the standard relaxed middle-parted version out on the streets, while Lexi Boling recently gave her braids a go on a ski trip with Jordan Barrett. True to their youthful roots, braided pigtails are also a favorite of Harper Beckham, who was seen wearing them at her mother’s show.

But the double plait has really taken off in French-braid form. It was a statement look on the runway at Creatures of the Wind, where oiled hair was tightly slicked back into thin braids that started at the crown. The style is also a favorite of Parisian actress Adèle Exarchopoulos and Kim Kardashian West, who have been sporting it in both her peroxide-washed and natural brunette states. Meanwhile, her daughter, North West, has also made the the look even more appealing.

Bel Air Jewelry knows that braids don’t have to be casual anymore. Even  Karlie Kloss gave showed them off at Topshop’s Fall 2016 runway show. A playful hairstyle that looks fun and elegant for both day and night outings? In a pinch, try your hand at your own viking braided pigtails and hop on this hot fashion trend before it falls back into the recesses of childhood!

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