Sailor Moon in Vogue




Now at Bel Air Jewelry we are on top of all things fashion, however we were surprised to see a childhood favorite cartoon featured on this weeks Vogue. The rumor is, that this week in the Hanamizuki café in Chelsea NY will experience a radical takeover: Sailor Moon and her intergalactic squad of Sailor Scouts will transform the airy space into a pop-up desert cafe. Organized by a group called CosCafe, the gathering will be a whimsical celebration of the iconic manga character’s world: Tuxedo Mask in full dress tails, delivering a Sailor Venus Paris-Brest with mango and passion fruit filling; Sailor Moon swanning about with a thick smattering of false lashes.

Vogue claims that the take-over of the cafe is a testament to the show’s enduring appeal, and to the fact that manga beauty has infiltrated the mainstream—most strikingly at Louis Vuitton, where model Fernanda Ly opened the house’s Spring 2016 show wearing a jeweled tiara over her pastel-pink mane. Considering the impact of Sailor Moon and her girl gang might be the season’s ultimate beauty icons. So nerds everywhere, enjoy this lovely blast-from-the-past and rare instance where fashion and anime unite!

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