Climate Changing Obama


With California’s drought, the rising seas, and extreme storms, climate change is not just a prediction anymore, it’s a certainty. These are effects we are already living with and 2015 is on set to be the hottest year on record. Climate change is here.

Yet veterans of climate-change are holding out hope for this year’s summit in Paris (COP21) because, if all goes as planned, in two weeks the world will have its first real agreement to lower carbon emissions and begin addressing global warming.

This year, signaling a new sense of urgency, Obama kicked off the talks with a speech in Paris. “I come here personally as the leader of the world’s biggest economy and second biggest emitter,” the President stated, “to say that America not only acknowledges its role in climate change but embraces doing something about it.”

Bel Air Jewelry would like to invite all of you to think about how you can help the world today. Even the smallest of choices can have a huge impact. Remember, there are billions of us. A small ripple can change the tide.



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