Last Minute Halloween Costumes

fashion chokers

The choker and a simple white T-shirt can turn an underprepared Halloween into costume-ready fun night out, specially if you’re looking at ’90s heroines. Want to dress as Cher in Clueless? You’ll need a thin diamond chain and some “As if!” sass. Fern Mayo–turned-Vylette of Jawbreaker metamorphosed from a geek to an outspoken popular high schooler thanks to a pinup-style pink ribbon wrapped around her throat. In The Professional, Natalie Portman’s 12-year-old pistol-toting character Mathilda is rarely without her thick velvet choker and a metal sun charm. Or try Nancy from The Craft, who sports a studded Sid Vicious–style choker. Heck, you could go out this coming weekend as Sid Vicious! Just slap on a padlock choker and rip up your t-shirt! Whatever your costume this Halloween Bel Air Jewelry encourages you to stay safe, and have a spooky time!

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