A Journey With Bill Clegg

Bill Clegg jacket photo_LacombeFor Bel Air Jewelry and those who have watched Bill Clegg’s career from afar might believe he’s ten different people. Clegg is first and foremost a literary agent and, as Vanity Fair asserts, one of the biggest in the industry. He’s also a best-selling memoirist, of 2010’s Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man and 2012’s Ninety Days. Those books chronicle the period in 2005 during which Clegg, a major agent, descended into crack addiction, and went on a two-month bender that nearly ruined his entire life. It’s an ugly story, one that could have ended him professionally, but, after a stint in rehab, Clegg managed to rise from the ashes. These days he reps literary superstars like Lauren Groff and Molly Antopol. And most recently, he’s joined their ranks. Back in late July when the long list for the Man Booker prize was announced, Clegg’s seven-years-in-the-making first novel, Did You Ever Have a Family, was on it—more than a month ahead of the book’s publication date. Did You Ever Have a Family, out this week, is not about recovery, but it is about rising from the ashes, about the slow process of clawing one’s way out of seemingly unbearable grief and regret. We wanted to invite our readers today to be brave. To forge fearlessly forward in the face of adversity, and like a diamond in the sun; to shine.

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