A Heart Can Still Bloom In Winter


A delicate flower blooms in subtle pink sapphires and round-cut diamonds on a stem of white gold. This beautiful piece by Bel Air hints at beauty laying just under the layers of winter snow. When we created this piece we envisioned a woman wearing all black, going to a gallery opening in New York. She takes off her long coat at the door, and just peaking above her sleek dress, this soft pink rose sits, resting right above her heart. She’s come to purchase a painting in secret. One that speaks to her soul. Not because of the oil on the canvas, but because of the strokes made by the hands of the man she longs for. This season, whether it’s with a dash of warmth or a touch of grace, let love blossom. Carry it with you. In the cold streets. Through a hard day. A reminder of what once was. Let it guide you to your friends, your family. Let your heart, guide you home.

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