Dive into March’s Aquamarine


The birthstone of March protects sailors from drowning according to legend. No matter what your occupation, you’ll be the envy of the ocean with beautiful Aquamarine.

Latin for “sea water”, Aquamarine is the gem of March, dazzling lookers with its blue-green to blue hues made from the mineral beryl. Aquamarine’s natural crystals tend to be large and well-formed, desired by collectors and your experts at Bel Air Jewelry, alike.

Did I mention celebrities love Aquamarine too?

Berenice Bejo

Whether you’re attending the Oscars, like Academy Award nominee Berenice Bejo, or just passing through Bel-Air or downtown Los Angeles where celebrities sightings are plentiful, you’ll see for yourself why Hollywood loves Aquamarine. Like legend tells of Aquamarine’s protective power, the gemstone also supposedly wards off gossip, making Aquamarine jewelry and celebrities the perfect pair.

Even if you’re not the superstitious type, you can’t argue with Aquamarine’s innate beauty. The blue-green color matches the Spring Color of 2013, Dusk Blue.

Dusk Blue

While Spring has sprung, it’s time to spring into action and sparkle with beautiful Aquamarine jewelry. Our experts can stylize you for March with accessories like our popular Pear-Cut Aquamarine and Multicolor Gemstone Flower Earrings (18K White Gold) as seen above.

Visit Bel Air Jewelry or call the experts at 1.800.445.7750 and celebrate March today!


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